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slice of petrified wood - brown-earth tones

slice of petrified wood - brown-earth tones

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Meet the beautiful Petrified Wooden Disc from NAQI-Limited, a unique home accessory that brings the beauty of nature indoors. This disk was created by volcanic activity, in which wood was buried under ash and petrified without disturbance by fungi or bacteria.

Infused with minerals from volcanic ash, such as silicon, iron and copper, the disk has undergone a transformation, changing the cell structure of the wood into a stone-like mold. The result is a beautiful variety of colors and textures, making each piece unique.

Each disc has its own character and story, which contributes to its natural and authentic appearance. As a home accessory, the Petrified Wooden Disc adds an earthy and warm atmosphere to any interior.

Without any additives, the disc is already a striking eye-catcher, thanks to its unique texture and color shades.

Product specifications:

  • Material: Petrified wood
  • Dimensions: Length: approximately 31 cm | Width: approximately 23 cm | Depth: 1.5 cm

Styling tip from Noii Home: Place this Petrified Wooden Disc on a coffee table, side table or wall shelf and combine it with other natural elements such as plants or shells for a harmonious and organic feeling in your interior. Adding a candle to the disk creates a serene atmosphere and emphasizes the natural textures of the wood.

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